Thursday, 5 April 2018

robot dad and boy.

This story is about a boy and his dad and they were broke, they needed to cut the grass because they had no lawnmower so the boy made a robot that could cut the grass, then one night he stayed up and made the robot out of computer laser sharp knives scissors a blender dads nose hair trimmer and  old guitar strings, when he was done in the morning he took the robot outside to cut the grass while he relaxed. then he fell asleep and the robot well … the robot was cutting the grass.

Next the robot went away then the people screamed then the boy never saw the robot so he went to look for it and he saw them so he asked ‘’ have you seen my robot ’’ so they started cheering that the robot cut everyone’s grass so he got money and did not need the dads pocket money anymore so they got richer than before from the robot cutting the peoples grass.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Camp and school.

This is what I did when the year 5 and 6 went to camp and we year 4's stayed in class with mr Matua brendon

Monday, 5 March 2018

What's my number

Today for Maths our Maths was called what's my number. My number was 9999.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Jacob elf

Once upon upon a time there lived a tiny elf called Jacob. Jacob had huge ears, tiny eyes and a huge nose. He lived in. Medium hole in Santas humongous cottage. Jacob had a cool but tiny bedroom a shiny bathroom and a tiny clean kitchen. One day Jacob woke up and Santa woke up and they started wrapping the present.

Then they heard a noise so they looked at the window and the saw a scary freaky grinch walking in the snow. When the grinch looked in the window he saw presents so he bacme angry and pretended to leave and the grinch came back and snuck in the window while Santa and Jacob were looking out the back window and Santa and Jacob saw nothing so they went to the back. 

Suddenly they saw the grinch inside breaking all the presents. After that Jacob and Santa had an idea. So they called all the other tiny elves to make a trap and call back when your done. Suddenly the tiny elves called back and they made a distraction to make the ugly mean grinch fall into the trap. 

Finally they shucked the ugly stinky grinch away  and the town lived happily ever after even without their presents.