Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Najari and Optimus prime

Once upon a time there lived a bulky transformer called Optimus Prime and a strong ninja warrior called Najari and they lived in space in the solar system. Next they were bored so they decided to go on hard missions. Suddenly they got attacked from scary deadly evil alien queens. After that they killed the deadly alien queens and they were happy because they had a special move. Finally they went for more cool missions.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Making clocks.

Yesterday on Tuesday Room 15 made beautiful amazing clocks. First we got a cool round plate a colourful rulers and a sharp pencil. Next we made a hole and after that we got a fluffy pipe cleaner.  After that we put that pipe cleaner through the hole to make long and short hands. Finally we declaraited our clocks.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Ninjago master Zane

Once upon a time there lived a cool bulky Ninja Warriror called Źane and he lived in a  gigantic clean beautiful universe called a Rainbow city. First he went to explore other planets and saw Earth. So Źane got in his amazing rocket and engaged his boosters and they were counting 3 2 1 blast off. Next he landed on Earth in the zoo and he got attacked from the bad lions so he done the ninjago spin and he knocked down the trees. Next he escaped he was in the gorillers zone, he never ran away he faced his fear and got out his blade and slayed the gorillers. One night he set off back home because he said " this world is so dangerous". Then He was so happy because he was at home in piece. After that he was mega happy because he joined the ninjago school so he said " I got the best master and teammates. Finally he became a strong master that killed all the bad guys and taught the little kids to beat up the bully's.