Sunday, 24 September 2017

Recount of writing and art

Last week at schoolRoom 15 designed a Maori art around the beautiful stunning native NZ bush. 

First we got a long sharp pencil and drew our design. Secondly we got light and dark green brown and blue pastels to colour with. Lastly we put our design on a black paper and put the green glitter on the black paper.

Next we wrote a Maori legend my one was about a huge Taniwha called Maui and a tiny fain tail called Mana tikitiki. Finally I went on google to get some backdrops of the beautiful native NZ bush then I drew my characters and then when I finished I animated my animation when I finished I putted it in my drive.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The puppy called Lisa

Once upon a time there lived a fluffy beautiful puppy called Lisa she lived in a huge sky tower. First she went for a walk around the beautiful large city so she said "such a beautiful large city" Lisa saw a huge spooky dragon so she screamed as loud as she could. Then then this nice gentleman dog came to help her and said" hope in" and Lisa said "okay then a super dog came and saved the day. After that she was so happy that she invited everyone to her party. Finally she said "I have the best party" the dogs were happy to.