Friday, 14 February 2020

Caving Narrative.

Welcome to my mysterious caving story where all the magic happens.

It all started when me and my two friends Jordan and Kiarah discovered Waitomo. There was a big crack in between the island so we went to rest. In the middle of the night we were talking about whether we should discover the crack or not. The next day around 5:30 am I woke up my friends and we all got ready to find out how deep we can go in the crack.

When we were ready to go we saw some accessories in our bags so I said “ wait come check you guys baggs”, when we checked we saw ropes a helmet with a light and some flashlights so we got ready again, and so we were done so I said to my friends “ now our journey begins”.

When we got to the crack we saw a medal bridge so we knew someone or something had been here, we went to the bridge and attached our ropes to the bridge and we went down the mysterious cave. 

Kiarah started yelling so loud so hear the echo looked at her and her rope was slightly cutting when we looked up we saw a humongus black bear so we saw Kiarah fall so we went rushing down to catch her Jordan caught 1 hand I caught the other when we hit the bottom we had saw a waterfall and a large cave covered in spider webs.

We were talking until the waterfall water started rushing and we heard a loud roar from the cave so we picked the cave way, we wanted to see whatever kind of horrifying animal that is. We had to think of an idea to get across the cold rushing waterfall that's just then Jordan said ” to go back up and come back down the other side”, but Kiarah said “ how will you get up there and on the other side” I said “ Jordan you go up with Kiarah and when you get up there drop me your rope ok” 

They both agreed and went to the top, when Jordan dropped me the rope I could hear the loud roar again but more terrifying and louder, I went up as fast as I could we quickly ran to the other side went as fast as we could went down and so it was time to see what was the horrifying roar.

We saw something large terrifying as it’s roar and we recognized the thing we saw it was the humongus black bear but something was wrong it wasn’t trying to attack us it was roaring in pain it had a long sharp branch piece, we gave it some sardines it refused we gave it raw meet it refused so then Jordan brang out some potato chips it licked the potato chips of his hands and while he was eating we were planning how to take out the branch.

When they had the plan they went to the bear and tried to put it asleep, by getting a big water bottle tipped it out and got milk tipped it in and went to put it in the sun to warm up, the milk was done they went to the bear gave it to the bear the bear fell asleep so they had to whisper to each other, all of us put our hands on the branch I whispered 1 2 3 pull the branch came out the bear woke up and had a terrifying roar so Jordan gave it some more chips so we named him Crisp.

We put bandages on his foot and gave him some more chips , he moved so we entered the cave Crisp came to protect us from the bats and spiders, we saw light we were on our way to the light we got there we saw big fall with a water under it was nice and deep Crisp looked down and saw his eyes grew opened and he jumped he popped a manu and the water went up and wet all three so they all jumped and had a little swim around.

At the end they went back to the campsite and Crisp followed they had set up a bbq and made sausage buns and fish and chips for Crisp.


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