Thursday, 26 July 2018

Letter to Miss Heger from Tyson.

Dear Miss Heger welcome to room
11 my name is Tyson,My favourite sports are rugby and basketball,But my favourite out of all sports I like rugby,I am 8 years old I like sports and I am a year4,I have 4 friends they are Tonga Jezer Lucian and Teingoa.
My favourite food is Kfc Mc Donald Carls Jr and  Burger King
I have 3 sisters and 1 brother their names are Thora Faith and Isabella
those are my sisters names my brothers name is Ash,
at home I like to play roblox or go outside and play rugby or tag boys
vs girls the girls were getting mocked from the boys it was so funny,
I love to play with my friends or stay inside and watch my family well i am
on the i-pad on the i-pad I like to play Roblox or watch netflix or watch on
youtube I like to watch Jake Paul and the dobre brothers or watch
mob psycho 100 anime it is about a kid growing up with powers that promised
not to use his powers unless someone impotent to him or some that is nice to
Him and that helped him and when he found out that his brother had psycho
power he found his pet ghost as well as he saw his brothers power that the
Brother has showed the brothers name from the anime is Ristu,
and my favourite subject for school is writing free time math reading lunch
and morning tea at morning te and lunch i like to play basketball or rugby
or have races or play tag or play on the park or run around the school with my
Thanks for joining hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Hi Tyson it´s me Danielle from wesley primary school and i really like how you welcomed your teacher so well. I think you told about youself so clear that even i was getting to know you more. But maybe next time to make this blog post better you can make the writing smaller and change the color so it can be ore clear. If you want heres my blog and my classes blog( ( blog you lateer